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Convex mirrors are trending, and you can now buy one at IKEA

Jun 24, 2023Jun 24, 2023

We always love when IKEA makes a designer-feel piece more accessible, and this decor idea will add some depth and dimension to your walls

No piece of furniture is immune from trends; our demands for different styles of sofas, tables, and even baths are ever-changing. However, one staple furniture item whose style switches up more sporadically, despite arguably being one that you use the most, is the mirror. This year though there's a fresh new take: meet, the convex mirror.

Quirky, fun, and just the right amount of kitsch, these curvy mirrors have been taking the internet by storm. Made to mimic the security mirrors you're likely to see in small stores or blind driveways, they distort the image they reflect with their outwardly bulging shape. When used in our homes, they thus make a playful decorating idea, reflecting a wide view of your room back to you.

Practical though, they are not. This certainly isn't the sort of mirror you want to style your hair in of a morning. But if you're familiar here, you'll know that we have a lot of respect for unusual and eccentric living room wall decor ideas regardless of their practical benefits. Here's why we think this decorative mirror should have a place in your home this season, as well as the best places to get your hands on one.

So far, convex mirrors have been somewhat of a TikTok sensation with the hashtag racking up over 45.3M views on the app. (It helps that they lend themselves particularly well to a fun mirror selfie.) Their quirky design - and by virtue of being a mirror - the concept of curved reflectors captures a theme of playful expression and alternative outlooks, all whilst making a great conversation piece in your interiors.

Despite having a modern look, there's a nostalgic element to them, too. 'I think convex mirrors have become increasingly popular due to their old-world nature and the nostalgic charm they add to a space,' explains Lauren Sullivan, interior designer and founder of Well x Design. 'You can find beautiful antique versions as well, and these vintage pieces are great for adding character - along with a play on scale - above a bed or over a fireplace as a living room mirror idea.'

So, how should you style one? As Lauren notes, they're a great way to play with scale when placed above an eye-grabbing area. With their wide view, they do have an element of practicality to them, too. For a fun 'house of mirrors' style welcome, use them in a small hall or entryway to make your space seem bigger. You could also hang several alongside various other mirrors of different sizes and shapes for a fun mirror wall idea.

Our favorite way of styling one, however, has to be the corner convex. Nestled in the top corner of a room, you maximize their effects by capturing the entire space in one dome-shaped display. We love the maximalism they serve, but they'd be equally striking in a more pared-back minimalist space where they're sure to intrigue guests.

Convinced you need one? We couldn't blame you. The only thing left to find out is where to find one. Luckily, when it comes to the latest decorating trends, we can always count on our friends at IKEA.

The SVARTBJÖRK, available for $39.99, is a must-have buy if you're paying a visit to the Swedish homeware store this season (but it's also available online, too!). It comes with a slim black frame which adds a contemporary feel, measures 16 1/8 inches in diameter, and is super lightweight too making it easily fastened to the wall. In short, it's everything we want from a new mirror.

For an on-trend mirror idea that creates playfully dynamic spaces, this truly is a 'run, don't walk' situation. We'll meet you at the Markethall.

If you're looking for a similar likeness to IKEA's convex mirror, this option from Amazon is a safe bet. Slightly smaller at 12 inches in diameter, it's a great option for rooms that aren't so large, but the 160° wide angle of the bubble shape will still reflect everything you love about your space back to you.

For some added wow-factor, give this gold framed convex mirror from H&M Home a go. A total of 12 1/4 inches in diameter, it works brilliantly above a mantel or hung above a dresser. The gold frame with beaded detail is makes it real show-stopper, too.

Go bigger and bolder with this glossy wide framed mirror from Wayfair. A total of 14 inches across with a six inch frame, this convex mirror really helps draw the eye your fresh design idea. It's also available in 15 different colors too, so you're guaranteed to find one that suits your scheme.

Lilith Hudson is the Junior Writer on Livingetc, and an expert at decoding trends and reporting on them as they happen. Writing news articles for our digital platform, she's the go-to person for all the latest micro-trends, interior hacks, and color inspiration that you need in your home. She discovered a love for lifestyle journalism during her BA in English and Philosophy at the University of Nottingham where she spent more time writing for her student magazine than she did studying. Lilith now holds an MA in Magazine Journalism from City, University of London (a degree where she could combine both) and has previously worked at the Saturday Times Magazine, ES Magazine, DJ Mag and The Simple Things Magazine.

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