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Couple lift kitchen floor to uncover incredible find hidden by previous owners

Mar 23, 2023Mar 23, 2023

After purchasing their new home, one couple was left utterly bamboozled after discovering that the old owners had left something 'terrifying' underneath the floorboards

When a homeowner moves into a new property, they've accustomed to finding some weird and wonderful features in their new abode.

However, one couple was utterly flabbergasted when they discovered that the previous owners had been keeping a deep dark secret.

Emma Harrison and Rhys Stainer were blown away after finding out their newly bought home held a secret treasure - a 126-year-old well.

After undergoing some renovation work in their kitchen, Emma, 28, and Rhys, 27, were shocked to find a well measuring more than 20-feet-deep hidden beneath the couple's kitchen floor, disguised perfectly with a floor tile.

Emma and Rhys, from Malvern Hills, shared their home's new discovery on TikTok, which quickly wracked up more than 5.3 million views and over 232,00 likes, leaving people online "terrified".

The couple estimated that the hidden well was built with the house in 1897, making it 126 years old.

Emma said: "We absolutely love period properties and this feature was a great find!"

"It [the well] had unfortunately been ordered over by the previous owners and wasn't on show, but you can pop up the floorboard.

"We assume from our research it was built at the same time as the house to provide the original house with a water supply. The house was built in 1897."

In the video posted online, Rhys was spotted lifting up the floorboard to reveal a hidden latch.

Upon lifting the hatch, he uncovered a 20-foot-deep well, which they cleverly measured by placing a mug on some string.

In order to preserve their new finding, the couple are hoping that they can decorate their new discovery in the future and make it a feature within their home.

Emma said: "Hopefully we can put lights all the way down the well so you can see right to the bottom and a glass top that you can walk over.

"It will make a great feature in the new kitchen. We're going to do it all ourselves but we're expecting it will take a few years."

After posting the video of their discovery online, viewers fled to the comments to share their reactions, with many finding the water well "terrifying".

One person wrote: "Your husband is really brave standing over the 20-foot hole in his socks on bare wood."

A second added: "Nope nope I would never stay there after finding that."

Meanwhile, a third person said: "With all the horror films I have watched I recommend closing it permanently."

Someone else commented: "I would be terrified."

A different user added: "How do ye handle the ghosts and/or demonic creatures? add a padlock or is there a spray?" [sic]

"Imagine all the people gone missing in there," a fifth said.

A sixth penned: "I couldn't. I'd be petrified of rats running out."

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