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North West, 9, snaps back at mom Kim Kardashian after she gives daughter major side

May 16, 2023May 16, 2023

KIM Kardashian and North West have posted another TikTok where the nine-year-old gave her mother major attitude.

Kim, 42, and North stood in front of their bathroom mirror with seven different hair products in front of them.

North was performing some over-the-top lip-syncing for the camera and, at first, the Skims founder looked concerned and gives her daughter major side-eye.

Right after that, North gave her a very pointed look and Kim joined in on the fun.

The mother-daughter duo were both wearing black t-shirts, and the Kardashian had her hair in a messy bun.

North parted her own hair while her mom applied some product.

Kim was obnoxiously chewing a large piece of gum throughout the entire video.

They were dancing while showing off their different hair products, and having a great time together.

While they were dancing, North stopped and turned toward Kim leaving her to dance alone.

Then, they both laugh at Kim, who was dancing all by herself in the bathroom.

It's clear they do this hair routine often because they have the procedure down pat.

They ended the adorable video with a huge hug and some more entertaining dance moves.

In early May, Kim seemingly rushed to do a quick TikTok video with her oldest daughter before she sent her off to school on Tuesday.

Kim and North appeared to be doing the video in the massive walk-in closet inside the reality star's $60million mansion in Los Angeles, California.

The mom of four seemed to be sporting black loungewear, and North appeared to be wearing a school uniform.

The preteen wore a blue plaid school-style skirt and a white zip-up hoodie over what appeared to be a collared polo shirt.

Kim and North stood back to back before they began dancing.

From the jump, the TV personality had a solemn look on her face, starting the video off pouting.

Her sulky facial expression persisted throughout the 10-second clip.

Even though The Kardashians star struggled to smile and keep an upbeat attitude, North managed to be animated enough for both of them.

The clip was captioned "I like school" and was shared on the duo's joint TikTok account Kim and North.

Back in March, Kim rolled her eyes at her nine-year-old daughter in new TikTok.

The duo appeared to be arguing with each other in the short video.

In the audio track of the TikTok vid, their voices were hilariously replaced by chirping and singing birds.

When North opened her mouth, the sound of a bird squawking came out.

In response, the Skkn founder threw her hand in the air dismissively and rolled her eyes.

That same weekend, The U.S. Sun revealed that the Hulu star filed four new trademarks in her eldest daughter's name.

On March 10th, 2023, the first trademark filed was for North's beauty line, which will expand into: "Skin serums, facial oils, body oils, bath and shower gels, bubble baths, body powders, cosmetics, fragrances, hair care preparations," and more.

The star also plans to build a toy business empire, as the second trademark detailed "toy figures, doll accessories, dolls, drawing toys, infant toys, mechanical action toys, play sets for action figures, soft sculpture toys, bath toys," and more.

North's third trademark promises advertising services while her fourth included "entertainment in the nature of providing information in means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment and pop culture."