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This (Basically Free) Bathroom Mirror Update Is So Simple

Mar 19, 2023Mar 19, 2023

TikTok user @adrienneshow proves that rentals don't have to remain drab and worn-out. In a series of clips, she was able to renovate her bathroom with low-cost, renter-friendly updates that make the space look and feel luxurious.

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One of her first posts shows how she upgraded her sink by switching out the old faucet with a new one. The difference is instantaneous. The black version adds style while perfectly matching the room's monochrome theme.

"You know what they always say: you’re not ugly, you’re just broke?" she said. "It's the same for my apartment. It's not ugly, it's just broke!"

In another post, the content creator revealed how she updated her mirror simply by applying electric tape on the borders. According to her, the most challenging part was ensuring the tape aligned with the edges, but all in all, the effort took 10 minutes.

"It's crazy how the little things can change a space so much," said a commenter.

For artwork above her toilet, Adrienne basically did the same by painting the picture frame to match the color theme.

Other areas got the same monochrome treatment. The tray on the counter and the one right on top of the toilet, for instance, were swapped for sleeker black versions. Adrienne also bought a small table, which she decorated with color-coordinated items.

And finally, for the bath area, she wanted it to feel like a spa, so she brought in a new shower head, minimalist bins and refillable bottles, a shower rod and curtain, and even hung a houseplant for a nice touch.

When asked why she put in so much effort on a rental, Adrienne answered that she had actually planned to buy a house. However, it didn't feel the moment was right for her, plus she hoped to save more money by renting.

"I know in today's society, everybody's like, ‘oh buy a house,’" she narrated. "But I think when you do that, you should do it when you’re ready, when you feel it's the right decision."

So instead, she decided to make her one-bedroom apartment feel like home by applying renter-friendly updates. She added: "Do what works for you and live within your financial means … by the way, I love this new bathroom. It's so cute, seriously."

Adrienne now plans to clean out her linen closet before renovating the bedroom.