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Tom Lockyer relives scary play

Apr 20, 2023Apr 20, 2023

Luton's Tom Lockyer collapsed during the Championship play-off final and has since been given the all-clear to resume his career after admitting difficult emotions on the day

Luton Town defender Tom Lockyer has revealed his experience of collapsing on the Wembley pitch during last month's Championship play-off final having since been given the all-clear.

The 28-year-old has revealed that he suffered atrial fibrillation on the Wembley turf, causing him to briefly lose consciousness during the first half of the match against Coventry. Luton went on to win on penalties, with the central defender watching on from his hospital bed alongside his family.

Luton were left to play on following Lockyer being taken to hospital, with the match going to extra time before promotion to the Premier League was sealed with a penalty shootout win.

Speaking about the situation surrounding his collapse, Lockyer has revealed details of his collapse and subsequent emotions in an interview given to Sky Sports.

"I had the all-clear yesterday [Monday] and I'm all good moving forward." He explained. "I was quite lucky. They knew straight away what it was and it wasn't life-threatening. It was an atrial flutter, which is an irregular heartbeat, so my heart wasn't responding as it should in those situations.

"It's probably the least severe heart condition you could have and I had a little procedure on Wednesday [May 31] to correct that and it should never happen again."

Lockyer fell to the ground in the eighth minute of the match, with the player stumbling before visible panic ensued as it appeared he had lost consciousness. However, Lockyer was light-hearted as he revealed his memories of the day, saying: "It's quite funny, really - I didn't feel anything at all. I had a great chance with the header and got a little bit excited from that, thinking I'd scored at Wembley!"

He continued: "Then I was just running backwards, went really light-headed and my legs went really weak straightaway. I remember stumbling backwards.

"I was told I was coming off as I'd collapsed and I was like 'no, no I'm fine!' I wondered why I was on the floor, so that's when I realised and the emotions all went. When I went off on the stretcher, Rob [Edwards] came to me and said 'Don't worry, we'll win it for you' and I was bawling my eyes out so couldn't respond."

The Luton manager Rob Edwards revealed after the match the players' emotions upon seeing their teammate in distress, dedicating his win to the former Bristol Rovers defender. Despite the support, Lockyer revealed how he felt he had let the team down on the day despite the support of his colleagues.

"Looking back now, I know I didn't, but I felt like I'd let the team down, let the boys down, so I couldn't stop crying coming off that pitch, but I think it was a lot worse for everyone else watching. I've watched it back and it's not a nice watch for myself.

"To be honest, I felt as though I could have walked off the pitch, but the medics did their jobs and I can't thank them enough."

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